THE SIDS 40th Anniversary Dance Party!

Lulu's, 107 Manitou Avenue , Manitou Springs

The 40th Anniversary of legendary Colorado Springs Garage Rockers, THE SIDS!As the 1980’s dawned on the sleepy town of Colorado Springs there emerged an incendiary crop of new bands taking the world by storm that eschewed the sonic bloating and creative laziness that had grabbed the music industry by the throat in the late 70’s with Disco and Yacht Rock. Colorado Springs typically being at least five years behind national trends in music, would get an early introduction to this exciting new music with the formation of The SIDS, a garage cover band that would convert many people to this new form of music while still paying homage to the early pioneers of rock n’ roll- albeit at a much faster tempo. Original members Stuart Miller, Mark Larez, Gary Hino, and Jay Wood cut their collective teeth playing dance parties at Pikes Peak Hill Climb auto garages and the occasional Bar Mitzvah. Jay Wood left the band and young budding guitarist Chuck Snow came in to take his place spreading the gospel of “New Wave” and accelerated rock and surf classics. 40 years later the band is coming back together for one more dance party which promises to be a classic evening of sonic and visual nostalgia conjuring the 1980’s back to life one more time! Music guests will include “Jay “Guitar” Wood and Big Back Yard bassist Mike Arvisu.