1. Spare Parts

From the November, 2020 self titled release "Chuck Snow" EP.

© 2020 BMI Chuck Snow


I am made of spare parts
My father’s hands, my mother’s heart
Breaking down again and again-

I was never mean’t to be- a hundred years old at 23
the days behind again in front of me
But if you look at me
I’m not all rust and use-to-be’s
Brave the wind and waves one more time

Oh the heart’s aching
For the dreams forsaken
Every one a stranger to me now
Leave the body broken
Sing The words unspoken
As the Ferris wheel goes round and round

I was never meant to be 100 years old at 23
Days like these I am nothing, but tired
I am made of spare parts
My father’s hands my mother’s heart
breaking down again and again and again